Blogging and Email Marketing Campaigns

How to push out information from a blog to an email list. This is a great option for clients who do new releases or events and don't have an email marketing presence.

Monday, March 7, 2011 - Posted by Steve Thiel to Marketing How-tos

Tell Email Subscribers About a New Blog Post

Blogging is a great tool for sharing announcements and valuable knowledge.  Problem is most clients don't have a blog following and few people read the posts.  A simple solution for gaining more exposure is announcing the release to the client's contact list.  Below are 2 examples announcing a new blog post.  This is a great solution for clients who don't blog all that often.  The sale includes billing your client a setup fee for creating the template and retainer for crafting and delivering each campaign.

Business Catalyst Blogging

Business Catalyst Blog Post

A Weekly or Monthly Blog Recap Newsletter

Same concept as above, but more geared toward clients who actively blog on a consistent schedule.  Instead of sending out an email for each post, a recap newsletter includes a summary of each post from the previous period.

Business Catalyst Monthly Newsletter

Events Instead of Blog Posts

This concept can also be translated to clients who do events. Below are 2 example, one with a single event and the other with multiple upcoming events. Link this up with the Bookings module and you can track the number of event ticket purchases originating from your emails.  Proving to the client this actually works will keep them coming back for more.

Business Catalyst Announcements

Business Catalyst Events


Depending on how it's packaged, my initial estimate on production time is anywhere from 5 to 10 hours to setup, with a 1 to 5 hour ongoing retainer. In the last post of Six Ways to Sell Email Marketing I am going to share a proposal for the deliverables scoped here.

Next Up

We are going to look at solutions for using Ecommerce discount codes and gift vouchers with email marketing.

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