Super Template - Bootstrap Version Business Catalyst Template

Super Template - Bootstrap Version

Please note that this template is set up for agencies that want the framework structure to work with, but want to add their own design to meet their client needs. For instance, the sliders do not come set up with images and/or webapps, they work at a structural level and then it's up to you and/or your development team to add slider images using the technique that makes the most sense for you (as background images or with img tags for instance).

NOTE: this template is built on the Bootstrap 4 Framework.

This is the first version of our templates to include the SASS files.

This is the template many of you have been asking for. Plain and simple styling with a focus on modularity and options.

There are effectively 4 different versions built into this template. Pick the one with the layout and features that you want and go from there.

If you like the pricing table from ver 2 but want to use the overall layout of ver 3 then just copy the table across.

Check out the Bootstrap Builder App on the BC App Store. This app works with any of your sites, but it's been designed to recognize THIS template and connect up easily so you can customize your site from an App rather than digging through lines of code. Bootstrap Builder on the BC App Store


BC App Ready

Template comes preconfigured to work with the Visual Content Finder app. Simply purchase the license from the BC App store and start using - no setup required!

Web Apps

There are web apps for the Homepage Sliders, Portfolios and Testimonial sections making it easy for you and your client to quickly add and update content.



Separate HTML files included in the Resources folder.


Video Documentation

Watch video documentation to easily see and understand the important highlights of the template.



Templates are all set to go with a pre-setup and styled online store.


Fully Responsive

Templates look great on any device.


Unlimited Support

On top of detailed documentation, we offer lifetime support should any issues or questions arise.